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Battlelog Mobile Update, April 29th 2014

DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2014-04-29 13:32
This is a silent update to the Battlelog Mobile App, which means it's not downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Just close the app and restart it for the changes to take effect.

- Added simple pagination to Forums on mobile (go to first/last, go forward/back, and view the current/total pages)
- You can now set and edit your Tag and Presentation text in the mobile app
- The dialogue when tracking an unlock is now inline instead of "popup" for better scroll behavior
- Various minor tweaks and improvements

- Various Loadout fixes, including the ability to correctly see someone else's Loadout from their Soldier page
- Fixes to various Battle Feed notifications that didn't take you to the right page on touch
- Better handling of the Select Emblem page, when you don't have any emblems to choose from
- Fixed a fundamental issue that caused some changes, such as changing your active soldier, to not be properly saved, and thus revert if you force-closed and restarted the app
- Added the missing Soldier Portraits that have been given out with the recent Premium Battlepack
- Various fixes and improvements for the new Com Center search for users for better interaction and behavior
- Fixed an issue where clicking on Profile on someone else's soldier would go to your own Profile page instead of theirs
- Fixed an issue where Select Portrait and Privacy Settings were, incorrectly, shown on the BF3 settings page
- Fixed an issue where change the Settings too quickly in succession could on rare occasions cause the page to freeze
- Fixed an issue where you could scroll to the sides on the Select Soldier/All Soldiers page
- Fixed an issue where you could still track unlocked weapons from expansion packs
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't always accept or decline Mission invitations
- Fixed an issue where some Suggestions would have the green checkbox, marking them as completed, although they weren't completed
- Fixed an issue where expansion pack images weren't showing in the Battle Feed
- Various tweaks to the Unified Game Manager, so it can better fit longer texts and translations without cutting off texts
- Various minor fixes
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