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What is the best LMG

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What is the best attachments for the M249, I've mastered it but i want to see your all's opinion's.
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XxshadowlondxX said:
What is the best attachments for the M16A4, I've mastered it but i was want to see your all opinions.

I like it with the US Holo, and nothing else. It works fine for me without anything stuck to it. It's down to playstyle though.
Edit: Idk why you posted this in a thread about LMGs tbh.
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2015-07-12 03:48
The LSAT is disgustingly good now when you got any sort of range on your targets. You can tap fire that thing like a beast. Also with the latest patch, all LMGs are not the move and shoot bullet hose they used to be. The RPK also competes against the LSAT in terms of ranged lethality. If you're looking for close to close-mid ranges, go for the MG4 or M249. The rest becomes obsolete like prepatch because other guns are more versed in a specific catagory or versatility
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2015-07-12 04:32
m249 holo greeny compansator-for laser accuracy and bodato grip
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2015-07-12 06:00
On my m249 I just put on a stubby grip and a passed sight and some times a surrpressor
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PS3 UK Euro servers mostly Obliteration mode

Run an MG4 with a bipod/INVR as I can still use it relatively accurately on the move with the squad and then deploy the bipod when covering a bomb plant/flag.
Used the m249 with the same setup for a bit but eventually 'settled' on the the MG4 just a personal choice.

Games where I am likely to be on the move more type 88 with a foregrip and a mid range scope, willing to try the RPK as I do end up on the 'wrong' end of those in the type of game mode i would use the type88 in and they appear effective and well suited to closer quarters/building situations.
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2015-07-12 18:36
I use a M249 with a holo, AFG, compensator, and laser for close range sustained fire. I pretty much use it like an assualt rifle, but with a 200 round magazine. I use an M240B with a 3.4x optic, a compensator, laser, and bipod for actual fire support from a fixed position with a wide field of view.
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2015-07-12 18:57
SirLordGibbo said:
Forgot to mention, what maps are good for LMG? close quarters? Metro, locker, etc.? or something like Dawnbreaker, or something big like rogue or golmud
play rush and camp with a sniper..i know its frowned upon but the kills yo
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2015-07-12 19:14
AWS, M60, or RPK-74m
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2015-07-12 20:36
I use m249 flir bipod silencer. Smoke grenades smoke launcher shorty.i hate snipers so thus works for me
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infectsall said:
SirLordGibbo said:
Forgot to mention, what maps are good for LMG? close quarters? Metro, locker, etc.? or something like Dawnbreaker, or something big like rogue or golmud
play rush and camp with a sniper..i know its frowned upon but the kills yo

It works so well with heavy barrel and bi-pod, when you camp with a sniper youll have a 100% chance to secure 10 kills within 5 mins.
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2015-07-26 20:14
Well it depends on your playstyle, if you want to rush and have almost no dispersion on auto fire, try the Ruchnoy Poulemyot Kalashnikova 12, the Ultimax 100 mk 5 and the LSAT with heavy barrel, they both have low recoil so heavy barrel won't affect you that much but have a low fire rate they will feel like assault rifles. For moreTTK at distance, use the PKP Pecheneg or the M240B with a bipod and an optical, attachement like the ACOG or JGM with a muzzle brake because it won't really affect your accuracy when you are on a bipod. If you like close quarters engagement, go with the M249 SAW or the MG4, they have both same stats except that the recoil pattern is different (i prefer the MG4). Those 2 can mount almost any attachments you like to play with. Heavy barrel is good, muzzle brake too but here is how i play the MG4 : i put a compensator so the recoil is mostly directed upward so controlling it makes it easier, a bipod (hey i got almost no recoil when deployed, a rate of fire of 800 RPM (i think) and 200 bullets) and iron sight.
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2015-07-27 04:29
So little love in this thread for the Type 88. Low recoil makes it great at mid to long range but still has enough RPM to kill in CQB. Have just over 3,000 kills with it and it's my go to weapon of I'm having a bad that 200 round mag always is nice
Zavod F flag tower provides some of the best entertainment in BF4.
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2015-07-27 11:35
Rpk 74 is king
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2015-09-07 03:02
Used T-88 as a suppression weapon during locker maps.

Spamming 200 rounds into a congested hallways, corridors and rooms amids the chaos is fun even though you don kill much
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2015-09-07 12:34
The last couple of days I've been playing with a silenced m249 and that's been fun. My favorite lmg I've used so far has been the m240b. Playing domination on flood zone ran straight for A with my squad and got into a quick firefight. Walked away with a nice 7 multikill with 1 health remaining and the last member of my squad.
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2015-09-07 12:41
MG4 flashlight , suppressor, coyote.
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3.4 prisma/holo sight
No flashlight/laser
Heavy barrel
Stubby grip

Automatic for medium range
Burst for close/medium range
Single for long range

Just found this and it works good for me!
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2015-09-16 11:42
Negev 10/10 Legit
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2015-09-16 11:48
The PKP and the L86 are the better LMGs!
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