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I need help from expert sniper players

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2016-06-17 12:08
xTek4x said:
TheDKQ said:
Question is, do you mean sniping as real "sniping", or COD quick scoping? There´s a difference.

If you want to quick scope etc. As a battlefield veteran I´d tell you to return to COD.
This isn't COD. This is BF4 and a completely different game. Sniping is still sniping. Just because you don't like the way sniping is in this game doesn't mean it's not sniping.

TheDKQ said:
1. Distance is your friend. You want to be so far away from the enemy that they can/have a very hard time shooting back at you. But too much distance is a problem, as that will leave you inaffective if you can´t hit your targets.

I disagree completely and would not recommend anyone to do this. Sniping in this game at ranges over 200 to 250m is a complete waste of time and no help to your team. Even in hardcore when you start shooting over 250m it takes 2 shots to kill unless you get them in the head. And shooting people that are generally moving makes it more and more likely that you MISS, much less hit them in the head.

The only time i'll take a shot at extreme ranges is when I see a sniper completely still trying to trying to hit people at extreme ranges. Those shots allow you to put on in their melon.

Optimum distance for a sniper gun is 100-200m.

TheDKQ said:
2. Bipod or straight pull? - As a "sniper" I always use the bipod, as I won´t have to think about the sway that will become problematic at a distance. If you are in a city or <250 then yeah, you could use a straight pull as you will need to move around.

Bipods get you killed. If you're wanting to do the not helping game, not getting many kills approach of shooting at long ranges then yeah, go bipod. But i'll hit you with my straight pull in the head. Bipods make you stationary, and with a sniper gun being stationary equals death.

TheDKQ said:
3. The range finder is great at a distance, as it will help you acurately get the distance to the target. Knowing the distance is key, it is the difference between a headshot and a kill, or a body shot and no kill.

Again, distance. And distance is bad. If someone wants to use a range finder, that's their choice, and can help them judge distances faster when moving around.

TheDKQ said:
4. Head- or body shot? I always aim for the head, but if you are in a target rich environment body shots can be more usefull. The head is a small target and hard to hit, especially when people jump around, center mass is a bigger target you can hit.

Yes, the head is a smaller target, and harder to hit. Which goes into NOT shooting long range shots because the probability to hit that small target on a moving object at long range becomes small and not efficient.

TheDKQ said:
5. All this really depend on how you want to play the game though. I hope you could use my tips :)

I agree. Everyone plays how they want as it's their game. And while I hate seeing snipers sit on towers or sit on hills way far way, it is their game. But that's not helping the team, and it's not being efficient at being a sniper.

TheDKQ said:
6. Have fun :)

Absolutely! Everyone finds their own way to have fun. Mine's sniping and i'm good at it. :)

When it comes to the word "sniping". I think about real life marskmanship, not the Call of Duty quick scoping. Quick scoping bugs me because it in my opinion is a wrong use of a sniper rifle. I know it´s a game and all that, but still. Beside that I think it destroys the game when people run around with sniper rifles like it´s COD.

Yeah running around quick scoping is more effective in kills than sitting on a hill.
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