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Looking for a good clan

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2016-06-16 23:29
Hello BF4 players,

I'm looking for a good clan to join that's active and maybe host some practices. I'm currently very active on BF4 (Play for almost 1.5 hours a day) and looking forward to playing every day with the upcoming summer break. I'm quite mature and won't mind some foul language. If you are looking for members, don't hesitate from sending me an invite.

Thanks for reading fam.
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2016-06-17 02:16
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2016-06-17 02:53
Get to rank 40 and check us out!

HVT High Value Targets Is Now Recruiting!! (PS3)

We are a friendly competitive community that focuses on tactical gameplay, strategy and communication. We are rapidly growing!

We require that you don’t use any other clan tags or are in any other platoons. Must represent our clan tag and emblem.

K/D isn’t an issue as we will help in any way possible to assist you of your needs to become a better player. We do hold practices on Saturday at 4pm EST and require that you attend. We understand you have a life, we only require you to show up to practice once a month.

Every day/night we have at least one squad online so you can join as you please

We have Platoon Wars setup regularly for those who like the competitive edge.


-Must be at least Rank 40
-Be an active player
-Have a Mic (Preferably but not a must)
-Be loyal to platoon (Which means no other platoons and must wear tag and emblem at all times)
-Attend meetings/practice

(Platoon Page) []

To apply contact any Founder/Leader or apply on platoon page.

(Please read our rules as if you don’t abide by them at the time of applying we may deny you)
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2016-06-17 05:59


Hello, Special Reconnaissance is a small team-based platoon using strategy and teamwork to take the enemy down, we are currently in need of members to help us participate in platoon wars and help us dominate on the battlefield if you would like to join apply @ our platoon page and we will be with you ASAP!!! We hope to see you on the battlefield soon.

Platoon page: []
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2016-06-17 09:07
If you are looking for a good PS3 clan HVT is the way to go... I would avoid these other clans full of way too much little kid drama. HVT is a good mature gaming clan. If you up grade to PS4 any time soon you can always join us in WARP clan bro.
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