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BF4 Beta Feedback

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played a litte bit bf3 today.. and i must say... there are a lot of improvements in bf4..

supression und people camping in walls as example...omg... bf4 is much better, but the beta had a lot of bugs... performance was after the patches okay...

the rpg lock on is overpowerd.. no incentive to use other rockets any more..

Matimi0 said today a few things about possible improvements that i agree with... []
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2013-10-15 23:19
I have played 1942, DC, Vietnam, 2, 2142, BFBC2, and a little of 3. I think BF4 has a great shot at eclipsing my favorites, DC, 2 and BFBC2

Bug Report:

When all HUD elements are set to "hidden" and opacity set to 0%, one layer of the map is still visible after toggling map to see friendly/enemy indicators, notably the small white sideways font which denotes various map coordinates I believe. These remain floating on screen. They are faint, but visible. The option to play effectively with no visible HUD is such an indispensable feature, it can't be overstated.

HUD control comment:

The HUD inclusion/exclusion controls in BF4 are one of its best features. They are close to perfect. Perfect would be a true NO HUD/Mini Map option with visible main map on demand. Right now to see the main map you have to live with an opaque mini map full time. IE, the opacity controls both Main map and Mini map, not one or the other. That is a tragedy. Everyone should experience what it is like to fight in your beautifully rendered frostbite 3 engine, fully immersed, but still able to whip out a map with enemy/friendly intel and then put it away again just as fast. Just like something magical happened when we eliminated keypads from cellphones, something magical happens when you eliminate mini-maps and other busy HUD elements, text boxes etc from modern FPS worlds. Opaque was a good start, but how about fullscreen Frostbite in all it's glory with the option to pull up a visible main map on demand. Such a better paradigm and very little coding required.
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2013-10-16 00:30
Beta Feedback

Thanks for the opportunity to play the Alpha build and the Beta. I like what you guys have done and eagerly look forward to the final release. Now for the feedback…
General game- play – Better then BF3, many minor and otherwise very good improvements. Hit registration and boxes go from spot on to not so spot on, not sure if that’s the game or the internet. (I maintained very good frame rates) I’d hit a guy dead on and then move to engage another and not see the hit markers, this was at near point blank range. Knifing, I knifed a guy, got his tags and watched his body drop to the ground, turned to engage an enemy, got killed. I rec’d no credit for the kill nor did I get the tags, only an additional death. At first I thought it was me, but then it happened again. I also found out that one of my friends had experienced the same thing. Otherwise, knifing and the counter-knife worked as expected and quite well. On the few guns I used, they seemed spot on with muzzle climb and general expectations as how the weapon would handle. Rockets – last time I checked, the RPG was a dumb-fire weapon and therefore has no locking capability. Please return said weapon to its original state…dumb-fire. Weapon customization is well done and I like the option to play your way. Animations seem well done and felt right. I do wish you guys would allow only a limited sprint, where you would actually become winded. Swimming…nice job on the swimming and the ability to go underwater, I personally capped C flag more than once and got out of a jamb by going underwater, several times. Pistol in the one hand does keep you from becoming a sitting duck…Excellent work.
Map – Big, many routes of attack and egress, multi-leveled, loved that you can access many places and that you truly have to deploy sound tactics before running into the open. I only hope that the remaining maps are as big and diverse as Shanghai.
Vehicles – like the vehicles, although for the life of me I can’t figure out how a tank shell can explode at a soldier’s feet and he survives the encounter. I had this happen where I fired at (3) soldiers and all three were able to escape. The shell loading system is perfect and makes you think tactically before spamming shells. On the Transport Helicopter, the mini guns on the sides would rip a person to shreds in seconds, the ground pounder should fear them, instead they stood on the rooftops getting hit several times to no effect and eventually were able to take out the chopper. They are ineffective and pointless in their current state. Increase their damage and make the player fear the mini gun! One other thing, on more than 1 occasion, I’ve noted exploded helicopters hanging in midair? I figure that will be fixed in the final release.
HUD – while I’m not a normal mode player, the HUD seemed very functional and unobtrusive. A quick scan gave me all the information I needed at a glance. The player ID tags above their heads should have a turn off function. I’m not sure, but in BF2 I thought you could drop it from full name to just a small triangle, green or blue to signify teammates. Sometimes the full name can mislead you into thinking the guy running in front of you is a friendly, when the friendly is actually in front of him. Food for thought.
I’m sure I’ve missed one or two things and will edit this post as needed. That’s it for now, thanks again. See you guys in 2 weeks!

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2013-10-16 01:03
Hey guys,

After two weeks of playing on beta, I must say I love what you guys did with BF4. Here are some of my thoughts on the game so far ('s beta after all).
First of all, the game seems a lot more balanced than BF3. Weapons physics and power hit their mark (with the exception of the support gunner). Maybe it's just the weapon that was available in beta, however I always felt like it had no impact whatsoever. Last night I was in a situation where I predicted three or four enemy soldiers crossing the street. I was aiming in the direction of the street and when the first guy started crossing I kept firing bursts. All four guys managed to cross without a single guy going down. In reality, heavy weapons should make a lot of damage. I think the damage made by support gunners in BF3 was a lot more accurate. The special effects, smoke, explosion, glass breaking, fire, etc. are all done flawlessly. I hope the release version will address 2GB memory optimization well (running on GTX 690 Nvidia surround). Guns on vehicle could be a little under powered. I.e. Tank machine gun and especially Gatling guns on choppers. Anyway, that's all I got, I am sure a lot of the bugs mentioned previously on this forum will be addressed by release date.

Looking forward to playing some of the other maps, and checking out the final version in Shanghai also.

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2013-10-16 01:44
Here are two bugs I've noticed that I'm not sure others mentioned:

1. Sometimes in spawn menu, teammate icons would be flying all around the map. Turns out it was correlated to the selected squadmate's mouse movements.

2. If you revive someone while they're in deploy menu, they often crash.
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2013-10-16 02:05
Dice sucks.
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2013-10-16 04:14
I noticed that the jeeps like the MRAP only have 4 seats. Since Battlefield 4 allows 5 person squads, then maybe you guys could make it so that an entire squad could fit in one transport vehicle when they need to get across the map. Bring in the Springfield Socom 16 (7.62 NATO) as a DMR and bring back the M60 light machine gun. These could be DLC for the game.
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2013-10-16 04:52
Okay i played the beta a loton the XBOX 360, and here is my thoughts


The grenades are really good
The RPG is a beast, and the fact it has lock on is such a treat for engineers
C4 on the Recon is good and makes recons a threat for tanks
The stinger locks on fast
Mobile laser designator is wonderful
Battlepacks is a good concept, please don't dissapoint
More combat dialogue like "Good job, i need backup, on my way"
The water physics are exelent
Oblitiretion is glorious and needs no time limit

ACW-R has to recoil
AK 12 has to little recoil
Way to much spawn time
The skyscraper falls down to easily, it should be some columns inside the buildning
When you compare weapons you can't compare fire modes or fira rate
The airburst should explode after 5-7 seconds to not make it a "sniper"
The perk system is aweful, it punishes you if you're in a bad squad (i.e trollers, a squad full of snipers, or afk's)
The Jet skis clip themself into walls
Big contrast, looking into rooms from a distance is impossible
RPG lock-on is great, but should have a beeping sound in the cockpit
No furniture inside the skyscraper
Way to much spawn time
After the skyscraper falls the map is to white, like the testing area before a game has textures

The Norwegian flag on the dog tag is wrong, it has only one cross, not two
The Shotgun reloads 6 shells for is load
Game freezes often
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2013-10-16 04:59
Negative: I attempted to snipe sum1 and missed, so the guy sprinted away like Mario hopped up on star power, he just ran and every time I was sure I hit him, I missed, and he didn't stop. It was ridiculous. He was hopped up on freaking star power I tell you.
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2013-10-16 07:38
Only neg : aim assist is too strong, I felt like I was playing cod.
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2013-10-16 11:31
Please include HARDCORE NO MAP.
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Hi, I've got some bugs for you,

1. If you're the attack chopper, and you fired both of your heat seekers. You will probaly switch to your main rockets. If you fire them at the enemy attack chopper. You see the rockets should hit it, but instead they go right though him. On some spots you can hit it, but on the most spots the rockets go right trough him.

2. RPG's shouldn't be able to lock on to you. you should remove that function.
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2013-10-16 16:01
RPG couldn't lock on in PS3, everytime you had a rocket launcher, u timed it and hoped the guy didn't start going down or breaking to the left. I would've welcomed that lock on.
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2013-10-16 19:10
I feel that for the consoles, their should be an control setting to revert the controls back to BF3. I would really love that.
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2013-10-16 23:20
I have been trying to play the beta now for three days to no avail. I played it before and it worked just fine, but now I cant even get to the server menu without it saying, "You have lost connection to the EA Servers. Online features will be unavailable." I don't know if this problem is just me or what but please fix this because I kinda wanna play the game.. please..
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2013-10-16 23:33
beta is over.. ;-) but final game comes out in 2 weeks... back to bf3
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The kill string in the score log should show up your own kills. When you kill someone, their name disappears very fast from the centre of the UI. This is good for reducing clutter especially during a firefight. However, these kills should appear on the top right of the UI, if you wanted to look at the names of those you just killed.

I also would like to see the Underslung Grenade Launcher and Medic Kit able to be selectable in either Gadget 1 or 2 slots. This will allow consistency with BF3 with many players remembering using the Medic Kit as Gadget slot 1 and defibrilators as Gadget slot 2.
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2013-10-17 06:36
Helicopter regarding gunner view/HUD:
-add displaying of pilot's rockets and reloading time of flares

Helicopter regarding pilot view/HUD:
-add displaying of left 30mm ammo
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2013-10-17 06:41
when i drive the transport vehicle and i jump out i sometimes overroll myself... is it really necessary to stop the car before jumping out???
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2013-10-17 07:08
I think the stinger is way too weak, you have 4 hits on a chopper and all it does is damage it, it is virtually impossible do terminate an airverhicle with the stinger as it is now, although 1 rpg does the job making the marked verhicle explode mid air.

also the shotgun is underpowerd, you sometimes need 4 hits on close range to make a kill, leaving only 2 shells for the next opponent that ALWAYS comes around the corner in such a moment :)

It is also impossible to guard the elevator entrance on the roof of the building between E and D while lying down because your bullets get stopped by an invisable wall it seems.
also noticed that the bipod on both mg's often refuse to open when taking a position. you have to point the gun way up in the air to let it open the bipod losing important seconds.

About the handguns, they are way to accurate on long distance, you can hit targets that are several 100 meters away. a realistic range should be around 30 meters.

I received serveral dogtags that afterwards could not be found in the list of dogtags.
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