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Kindle Fire

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2013-10-07 08:04
Is Battlelog going to be on Kindle Fire?
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2013-10-09 01:35
what he said.
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2013-10-28 21:48
I hope so.
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2013-10-28 22:10
is it on ipad yet? i cannot find it
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2013-10-28 22:21
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2013-11-30 04:44
I would also like to know if Commander Mode will be available. The kindle tablets use an entirely different (and rather shitty) app marketplace, which many developers aren't really acknowledging the existence of.
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2013-11-30 05:59
I would like to put forward a warning

I had rooted my kindle fire to obtain the commander mode .apk so I could test it out. Unfortunately, the .apk does not work on the fire, and I ended up somewhat bricking my kindle
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2013-12-11 03:17
I installed the APK and data file on my non-rooted HDX. It works like a charm an the app runs flawlessly, even on the new China Rising maps. The problem is I cant get updates for it and it will not interface with battlelog. I will certainly be happy when they get this app added to the marketplace.
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2013-12-26 23:50
Yeah you can just download the APK onto your Kindle fire Like I did and it works great, I don't know why it isn't available in the Amazpn Store...
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2014-01-08 01:17
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2014-03-28 16:24
Please release Battlelog and Commander apps to Amazon app store.
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2014-03-28 16:34
Kindle my bonfire?!
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2016-06-11 17:18
Pls could u I need to do the phantom missions but my PC is bust outing it on kidle would be a dream
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2016-06-11 20:58
Thread closed due to necro.

Necro = bad.

If its not available for Kindle Fire by now then most likely it wont be but you never what they might have planned for the future.

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