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Best gun in BF4

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2014-08-24 17:07
Here is the site to answer the question: "Best gun in BF4?" []
Best Battlefield 4 weapons at GUNSMASTER.COM
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I have tried all carbines in the game and I have tried some AR. Mostly I use ACW-R, AK-12u, AK 5c. There is no such thing as a best gun in bf4. Each gun has it's own advantages and disadvantages regarding its stability, clip size, accuracy, range, damage, hip fire and rate of fire. The reason that I mostly use these guns is because:
-ACW-R pros: high rate of fire
cons: high rate of fire will reduce stability

-AK-12u pros: good stability
cons: low rate of fire

-AK 5c: stability better than ACW-R but not as good as AK-12u and higher rate of fire than ak-12u but lower than ACW-R

These guns suit my needs with good stability, good rate of fire, and decent accuracy to make me become a good infantryman

Some players may carry different guns depending on the advantages of the gun. For example: people who kill enemies by spraying bullets at mid range do better using an mg despite of terrible hip fire because of large clips and great stability with the bipod or some people do well with a shotgun despite of terrible range because of great damage and it is a good gun for CQC

There is no such gun in this game that is good in everything (stability, accuracy, range...)
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2014-09-01 08:16
I think it depends on the situation. In close quarters a shotgun or high rof gun is best. Med range is an assault rifle without too much recoil; Ace 23 is good. Then at long to extreme ranges of course you'd want a sniper rifle; the SRR-61
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2015-03-03 21:45
i like and use them all have unlocked everything in the game without perchasing an unlock but i can say i prefere to use because at close range i loose more then i win but when i pull it off it makes me happy to single shot those machine-guns
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2015-03-03 21:51
M1014 Shotgun

Kobra, ergo, buckshot, mod choke.

I'd let it touch me.
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2015-03-03 21:54
VendettaDean said:
Here is the site to answer the question: "Best gun in BF4?" []

that site is bogus ...
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2015-03-17 02:26
MY GOD THIS FORUM IS SO OLD....Good days with the netcode back then, the kids just don't know the pain of the horrific netcode.
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2015-03-17 02:29
Anything with a high RPM works wonders. Famas, AEK, CZ-3A1,MG4 and literally none of the sniper rifles. Sniper rifles are just for when youre trying to have a laugh.
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2015-03-22 19:26
scrawnypaleman said:
M4 Carbine. My god.
Also F2000

F2000 is dlc..
How do you unlock M4?
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2015-06-14 22:31
Woah crap guys, wasn't expecting to get this many comments..
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2015-06-14 23:14
The AUG is probably the most balanced.
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NiceButNoDice said:
How do you unlock M4?

Just use carbines. It will unlock once you get enough points using carbines. You need 59,000 points with them to unlock it and you currently have 15,639 points with carbines.
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2015-06-14 23:33
Phantom is clearly the superior Carbine.
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2015-06-14 23:38
Dat necro.
Ooga booga
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2015-08-03 22:32
sar 21
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2015-08-03 22:36
Scar-H is love, Scar-H is life...
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2015-08-03 23:10
MeIonLorde said:
Dat necro. []
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2015-08-03 23:17
(Night)Mares Leg with the high Rof, bullet speed and damage per second is clearly the best gun in all bf history
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2015-08-03 23:55
L85a2 is my personal favorite then the sr2
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2015-08-03 23:57
ELEMENT1013 said:
In my opinion it the the Carbine ACE 21 CQB.

Anyone have a different opinion please share :)

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