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Marksman Ribbons! Help!

Enlisted: 2013-10-05
2013-11-24 13:27 , edited 2013-11-24 13:37 by WinterIkasa
I'm having a really hard time getting 50 marksman ribbons, anyone mind helping me get them? I'll do something in BF4 for you or maybe in another game if i have it...

My Gamertag is: Winter Ikasa

Please message here or on xbox if you can help me please!
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2013-11-24 16:07
use a sniper with red dot or use a scope with canthe iron
US Enlisted: 2011-11-08
2013-11-24 16:16
You looking to boost? Why don't you try helping your team win a round, nutbag.
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2013-11-24 17:41 , edited 2013-11-24 17:42 by WinterIkasa
I do try to help my team, it just i really want the sniper after the 50 marksman ribbons. Instead of insulting me (Nice try) why not leave a suggestion that might get me motivated to keep on trying on multiplayer on my own.

Does it really work? Red dot or canthe ironsight?
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2013-11-24 22:07
Your first post sounded like a boost request -- read it yourself. "I'll do something in BF4 for you" in exchange for helping you get marksman ribbons. I've been in a round where one guy came out 23-0 and an accuracy score out the window, and his partner came out of the same round 0-23. That's called boosting, and it's cheating.

I have the Marksman medal, and you get a ribbon for every headshot > 250 meters. My suggestion is to use a DMR with a 3.4x or 4.0x scope and wail away in a smaller map, like Flood Zone. Trying to get them with the bolt action sniper rifles doesn't go very fast. When using sniper rifles though, don't forget to calibrate them to the estimated distance. I find 200m or 300m calibration works most of the time. For your really long shots, crank it up to 500m or so, but I've never found that taking it up higher than that works very well.

Also, with the sniper rifles, use a 7x or 8x scope and get the 14x magnifier accessory for the longer shots. Find a comfortable sniper rifle, too. Not all of them will work for you. I'm more comfortable, for example, with the JNG-90 or the M40A5 than I am with others. My favorite DMRs so far are the RFB and MK11, so I use them more than the others I've gained.

Finally, you get one or two kills, you'd better move to another spot. And use the Shadow field upgrade.
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2013-11-25 01:12
Create your own squad, go to rush on resort, beacon on the ship. Works best on attacking side.
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2013-11-25 03:24
I think I could help with that
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2013-11-26 21:31
Thank You everyone, i really do appreciate it...
ScotCovert, i do i agree it was a half and half request to boost, i thank you so much for the suggestion and i will use it to full affect.
Markus, thank you
WeeBaby, if you really do want to message me on xbox and we can do so

ScotCovert, we started off on the wrong foot and i really really do thank you for the suggestion.

now...... IM OFF!
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