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Post your BF4 videos here...

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Thread for BF4 Videos, Montages and Youtube Channel presentations...

Youtube Channel: [] []
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Hi guys, I've been playing the Battlefield Series since Battlefield 2 and making videos since 2006. I've been involved in numerous secret strikes on Karkand, and I have over 25,000 confirmed sniper kills. I am trained in hand-to-hand combat and I've killed more than 20,000 heavily armed men with my bare hands. Right now, you are nothing compared to me and just another real sniper's target. However in these videos, I will teach you precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, evidenced by the trail of corpses that is left in your wake on the Battlefield. You think you can get away with hipfiring DMR? Think again, noob. As we speak, I am feeding tactical information to my secret network of communications experts across the USA and your exact location is constantly being traced at this very moment using a MAV, so you better prepare for the Cruise Missle, maggot. The explosion that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're dead without this level of expert operator training, kid. Real snipers can be anywhere, anytime, and can shoot you in over seven hundred different places, and that's just with their pistol. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of unlocked attachments and I will use them to their full extent to wipe your miserable anime girl panty shot emblem and my little pony gravatar using self off the entire internet, you little console gamer. If only you could have known about these videos before you drug your score and kill to death ratio into the ground, maybe girls would actually go out with you instead of laughing whenever you pulled out your stat page. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price. I upload videos pretty much daily, so watch them or keep being a useless sniper that drags down his entire team. Your choice, soldier. []

• 130+ Video Battlefield 4 playlist • []

• 250+ episode DayZ series • []

• knife music video • []

• Best of Battlefield Moments • []

• Sniper School - Long Distance Sniping • []

• Sniper School - Aggressive Sniper • []

• SRAW Guide • []

• Sniper • []

• Knife Hack Master • []

• Official Competitive Gaming Video • []

• Triple Kill With Cannon • [] --- 850 Videos - Youtube Partner - 1 of the 300 Steam Machine Winners
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|Founder of REC Filming™| ❖ Visit us at❖
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I've got 3 so far made [] [] []
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My latest one ... []

Other videos ... [] [] []
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My first Montage... C4 Action

please check it out and drop some feedback... []
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So this is a video showing how bad sniping can be in this game..or maybe i just suck haha []

Heres a beginners guide I made for my friends.. []

let me know what you guys think
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I've got a few, but my most viewed is a tutorial on how to copy Emblems from any profile, or from emblems linked on [] (yes I know I'm horrible to listen to. bare with it.)
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My first Montage... C4 Action

please check it out and drop some feedback... []
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Have a couple of videos: []

Probably my best BF3 video: []
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I should post vids of all the crashes. LOLZ
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Spectator recording with the music of 331Erock Battlefield Theme []
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2013-12-02 01:11!174&authkey=!AOOdMhGvxJ1S84c&ithint=video%2c.mp4 []
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Before you turn away, this video is further edited so as to not just be the cheesy strung together clips that XBOX Upload Studio has to offer. I took a little bit of time to make it run decently, so as to be a presentable piece of work. I don't plan on doing straight Gameplay uploads, that is just a long video of me playing and talking. I prefer the select few moments out of hours of gameplay, that really stand out.

I compiled 2-minutes of clip footage on the XBOX One using the Game DVR, then uploaded them to Skydrive, and downloaded them for editing. Check it out and let me know what you think. The video is mainly battlefield moments. []
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I've found that skydrive uploads too slow, with a large file sharing things becomes a hassle. I like the idea of posting to youtube. [] []
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I've made a fair few videos with our clan.
We tend not to take ourselves too seriously - so I hope you guys enjoy ! [] []
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Hi , this is my new video [] (10minutes)

With Shotgun , sniper , and vehicles kills , and with nice teamplay (saving teammates , arming bomb, reviving mates etc...)

i hope you'll like it , and , please sub to me and like my video if you liked :)

pc and ps3 gameplay
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2013-12-02 20:57

Don't take the video too serious ! We all hate this kind of sniper :D
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