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How to play the Second Assault DLC on Xbox One

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2013-11-30 09:01
Make sure that it is downloaded and downloaded via Battlefield 4 Premium
Than after it is finish (could take a while depending on your connection),
After it is downloaded you'll get a message stated that is is downloaded
Go to server browser and make sure that:
-Select the FOUR DLC MAPS (Caspian Borders 2014, Operation Metro 2014, Gulf of Oman 2014, and Operation Firestorm 2014)
-Make sure the available player slot count is set to either FULL or EMPTY
-Make sure that the region is set to ANY (Don't select a region) Four bar ping is acceptable but Five is better)
-Make sure that it is RANKED and OFFICIAL
After that you should get a LONG list of Second Assault DLC servers some full, some empty, some with some players.
Then join one.
Happy hunting and have a great time

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2013-11-30 09:25
Wheres my Wodka?
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2013-11-30 09:37
Meh. Great, I neither want to play CTF, nor TDM. I'm glad I paid extra for Premium...Not.
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2013-11-30 09:46 , edited 2013-11-30 09:51 by chowyunphat
I would have paid for Premium either way, it's just that when EA/Microsoft promised exclusive early access, I expected that there'd be more than 15 servers running worldwide.
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2013-11-30 09:48
Awesome dude, great job fixing this and spreading the word. Sad tho that a customer was able to find a solution while DICE is still lost :S
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2013-11-30 09:50
use the battlelog server browser that's your best bet
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2013-12-01 09:07
bradnsc said:
use the battlelog server browser that's your best bet

That could work too.
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2013-12-01 18:37
Still no luck for this guy.

I try your method and when clicking on a server it says I need to buy DLC, so I click Second Assault which shows a $0.00 and it tells me i already have it installed...just an infinite loop of wtf.
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2013-12-01 18:46
Hey will my second assault download if my xbox is off ?
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2013-12-02 06:59
TTGOverclocked said:
Hey will my second assault download if my xbox is off ?

I downloaded FIFA 14 when my Xbox was turned off, but I waited until it said at least 2%
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