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Platoon Recruiting Crunk Unit BootCamp Join now!!

CA Enlisted: 2012-10-23
2014-03-05 20:29
Welcome to "Crunk Unit BootCamps Recruiting

"If Your someone who emptys clips and keeps the barrel hot Crunk Unit BootCamp Wants you!!!!!!!"
****29 members and growing****

Looking for Active players that play as a team, med kits, revive, capturing objectives

*Wiiling to help newer player as long as you are an active player and put in game time.*

Must be on ps3 Platform to join

We are looking for all styles of game play run n gun,snipers, we can build a well rounded squad

Bonus if you have a mic

Tag: GMob

Platoon Name: Crunk Unit Bootcamp

*Join now link [] [
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.