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Battlelog Update, March 25 2014

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2014-03-25 09:39 , edited 2014-03-25 10:31 by TheBikingViking
- Battlelog now supports the Naval Strike expansion pack for Battlefield 4. The content will be enabled as the release is rolled out on the various platforms.
- The video background has now been enabled by default; you can turn it off for specific computers by going to Settings (don't worry, we automatically pause the video background when you launch the game)
- Carrier Assault will not display scores in Live Scoreboard and BattleScreen; this will be fixed with the next Battlelog update in 2 weeks

- Added a new background and video background to celebrate the release of Naval Strike
- Added a refresh button to all the Multiplayer pages (except for Play Now), including Favorites and History
- 15 new ranks have been added to Platoons, so you can now reach rank 25 with your Platoon
- Console Rent-a-Server owners (once released for the respective platform) can now upload their server banner image on Battlelog
- The Battle Reports dropdown in the header now shows the platform that the round was played on.
- You can now see Gadgets on the Unlocks -> Weapons page
- You can now see if items are unlocked by Premium or Battlepacks on the Stats -> Weapons and Unlocks -> Weapons pages
- You will now see a confirmation prompt when trying to leave a Platoon; for the original founder, the button will now instead say "Disband" and will also see a confirmation prompt when trying to disband the Platoon.
- Various pixels pushed for better looks and alignment on the Server Info page
- Various minor improvements and tweaks

- No longer possible to equip AA mines alongside rocket launchers in Loadout
- Fixed an issue where code would be written to chats under some circumstances
- Fixed an issue where the new player experience flow would show on every login for some console players
- Fixed an issue with Platoon feed sticky posts that weren't set correctly; the page will now also instantly update to reflect the change
- Fixed an issue with the details box on Unlocks -> Vehicles, where it would sometimes overlap the footer
- Fixed some emblem shapes default colors, that were shown as black instead of white
- Various fixes for the unlock requirements shown in Loadout, which wasn't always correctly set
- Fixed an issue on launching, when using the Tablet Commander app with a non-ranked soldier
- Fixed an issue where some emblem shapes weren't always named correctly when opening Battlepacks
- Various pixels pushed on the Missions page to better accomodate for long user names and scores in the nemesis sections
- Fixed an issue where the UCAV was listed twice in the list of vehicles for Soldier Equipment
- Fixed an issue with the expansion pack icon not showing correctly for items in Loadout, if they had the "cannot equip" style
- Various minor fixes
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