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PC Game Update June 3

SE Enlisted: 2013-07-16
2014-06-03 10:47 , edited 2014-06-04 12:15 by SlyOkapi
We've started rolling out a new Battlefield 4 update for PC. A short period of downtime is expected with this update.

All update details below.

June 03 PC Game Update Notes:
- Improved/reduced explosion induced camera shake
- Character collision improvements
- Fix to reduce object damage mismatch between client/server.
- Fix explosion packs not being able to be shot sometimes
- Improvements for client side packet loss
- Client crash fixes
- AMD Mantle multi-GPU improvements
- Carrier Assault game mode reports bug fix
- High Frequency Network update
-Added High frequency “bubble” updating player movement, stance, rotation, damage and projectiles at a separate rate on foot and in vehicles
-Added option to control client side update rate setting
- Fix for an issue where jets being attacked by other jets would not receive damage at certain altitudes
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