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banned for Political and religious reasons!!!!!!!!

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2014-09-08 13:39 , edited 2014-09-08 13:50 by DONALD2020_KAG
Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server. Stated reason: yourIslamandmotherandleader

got banned on this server []

it's simple !
u get banned/kicked for admins rasict thoughts and u can do nothing against them and u have to deal with them !
u can find at least 100000 threads has been created regarding abusive admins but nothing happened by dice so far and they have been continuing absuing as before!
sometimes i think i have to go to EA headquarter and scream as loud as i can and say " hey EA stop renting servers to the racist ppl"
that admin thought i am a muslim or works for this islamic regime in iran or everything else he might think .....but i am not none of them and don't believe to any religion ( I'm an atheist ) but admins has no right to ban/kick ppl for their Beliefs!
waiting for an answer from a mod who tell me how can i report the admin to ea and make sure they punish that abusive admin!
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2014-09-08 13:41
Plenty more servers to chose from...
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2014-09-08 13:47
If I told you the number of times I've been banned with the reason "FREEDOM 4 GAZA"... I made a thread about it in the past too :P
Just pick another server if it keeps happening.
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2014-09-08 13:49
name and shame, edit out server name
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2014-09-08 13:49
u r from iran so !!!
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2014-09-08 13:51
SwissedCheese said:
name and shame, edit out server name

mention the server name is name and shame ? ok i edited!
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2014-09-08 13:57
Yeah, political or religious stuff doesn't belong in games.

Play elsewhere, all you can do.
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2014-09-08 14:01
Sad but true. Just look for another server, even though this is a big problem. But anyways, problems like this wouldn't be there at all, if there was no religion. Would be perfect like this, but to each his own.
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2014-09-08 14:01
id ban you for 6 years,
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2014-09-08 14:55
thats quite sane. politics related propaganda(regardless polarity/color/direction)and rest BS - dind' t belong to games.
same apply to trolls on gov't paychecks, that try to ruin gameplay, byt spamming chats and voip with their nonsense.
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2014-09-08 15:02
Okay, as this thread is going downhill I'm going to close it now before it gets to the point where suspensions are issued.

To the OP, while I understand your frustration the only real option is to find another server.
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Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.