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Need People for the Phantom Room? See here.

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Post here [] if :

• You require 3 others to Join you in Hangar 21's elevator in order to Obtain the Bow.
• You are replying to those who are looking for people to join them in Obtaining the Bow.

Post information:
Make sure you post the following :

• The dogtag(s) you have
• The platform you are playing on.

Posts that attempts to derail the thread will be censored.
Posts that encourage boosting or joining No kill servers to acquire the tags will be censored and may incur further action.
Posts that encourage others to glitch will be actioned accordingly.

This thread is for those who have one or more of the Final stand dogtags and are looking for others to join them in getting the Bow. []

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Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.