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Raising Money for my Bone Marrow Transplant

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2016-06-02 17:25 , edited 2016-06-02 17:28 by ExecutiveMonk5
im gonna put your link on a community fb page that is mostly Vets Ex Cops Firemen Etc... Good luck man Just need approval from the pages admin but there is 46,418 members so hopefully that helps
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2016-06-02 18:16
bossdonut said:
I can say for a fact bone marrow is gross, and extremely greasy.

we use airguns to blow it out of the shafts we cut at work. its almost like machine grease.

ur job sounds scary ;_;
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2016-06-03 15:07
is OP alright now?
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2016-06-03 15:18
Swoopty-Vi said:
iliroy said:
I sent you $500, get well bro
really????? are you sure you sent it to the correct place? I don't see the donation anywhere? I'm worried you sent it to the wrong place......

Seriously though I do not see your donation anywhere, I hope you didn't send it to the wrong fund!

This one post was just sad.
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