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BF4 Night Operations Release Dates Announced

US Enlisted: 2014-01-30
2015-08-28 17:37
We’re excited to announce that Battlefield 4 Night Operations and the Summer Patch will begin rolling out worldwide on September 1. Please see the detailed information below for exact availability for your platform and region.

- September 1: The Summer Patch rolling out on all platforms worldwide.
- September 1: Battlefield 4 Night Operations rolling out worldwide for PC, Xbox 360/Xbox One, PS3/PS4 worldwide (except for PS3/PS4 in Europe).
- September 8: Battlefield 4 Night Operations rolling out in Europe for PS3/PS4.

Thank you for your patience. We look forward to putting you in our night scopes next week!
Global Lead Community Manager, Battlefield | EA @dan_mitre
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