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Battlefield 4 Community Operations is Rolling Out

US Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2015-10-31 10:09
Your Fall 'Fail' patch is all pro-air. It was easy to rape with helos and jets before; now it's easier. Thanks
BE Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2015-10-31 10:13
obeh82 said:
i can't download the map , anyone know why ? plz help []

hahaha cross the thing on. you see a little square you have to check it before you can download :D hahaha
Check it out !
Enlisted: 2013-10-29
2015-10-31 16:13
I loaded, installed, rebooted - shows installed but not listed in my expansion tab - dont see the map in multiplayer mode. Am I missing something on the install?
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2015-10-31 16:30
why does my game stop after about 30 seconds and I get Could not join server (1)
What the heck ?
I updated P/B and all Please help me.
PS it does this in any server I go into new map or not.
I am running windows 7
IL Enlisted: 2013-09-07
2015-10-31 16:42
how can I play that? I downloaded it from Origin but nothing changed ... now what?
CH Enlisted: 2014-05-29
2015-10-31 16:57
Un deniably the air got the bets out of it but knowing DICE and EA who are air whores themselves it's normal. That being said the air can still be countered from the ground but it's tougher. Especially if the pilots( jets and choppers) decide to team up to eliminate any threat form the ground and one team dominates the air... I guess the ground will have to team up better to counter the counter....
GB Enlisted: 2013-01-15
2015-10-31 17:26
When will dragon valley be on xboxone ? Ive try looking but can't find it.
BR Enlisted: 2014-12-24
2015-10-31 21:39
Thank you DICE, for deleting the marksman.
Enlisted: 2014-03-14
2015-10-31 21:40
Anyone else having an issue with joining in on games with friends ?
Enlisted: 2013-12-16
2015-10-31 22:14
WTF!!! The servers are down. I can't join friends, it puts me in a game that they are not even in
US Enlisted: 2014-11-30
2015-10-31 22:46
Servers are down please fix
AU Enlisted: 2013-12-25
2015-11-01 07:01
Not liking the fact anyone can now just pick up and keep the bow from the new map.
People, like myself and friends, worked hours upon hours preparing ourselves to head up the elevator in Hangar 21 and unlock the Phantom Bow.
Please make the bow a temporary pickup for those playing the map.
NO Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2015-11-01 08:44
An Error has ocurred while processing your request.

Reference #97

Anyone else get the same?
In god we trusts and bombs away.
NZ Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2015-11-01 09:26
how cm I cant DL the patch ... show up ref 4008 ....
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2015-11-01 11:01
E/A suck cant get in any server for more than 30 seconds after the last update and cant get any help
you idiots need to get your shit together .
Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2015-11-01 12:48
Thanks dice for this beautiful FAIL pathc game is working even worse than before, 60 hz server mean fairly almost nothing, still fucking killed behind walls still fuckind dead in 2 shots , enemies still need entire magazines, can't belive that you are so inpotent you cannot fucking repair this borken garbage game. Definitely not buying another product of your bullcrap liar developer team hand in hand with EA. you are tho worse compnies on the planet.... it seems as much the technology improves developers forget how to create games...... ridiculous.
DE Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2015-11-01 18:08
The new Easter Egg on the map! []
US Enlisted: 2015-10-17
2015-11-02 12:12
Gotta love bebe RAGE
US Enlisted: 2011-12-22
2015-11-02 12:39
Why aren't we not getting new assignments or trophies. I won't play the new stuff unless is gives me a reason to
US Enlisted: 2013-03-16
2015-11-02 15:21
I want my old SRAW back, I am sick and tired of hitting choppers with a rocket only to get annihilated a few seconds later. How can DICE justify a rocket a 139mm rocket going through a chopper? People bitch and DICE listens, but see its only the things that take skill that get nerfed. I'm still waiting for an actual FLIR/IRNV nerf because it's still abused on consoles. Stingers are crap against a competent chopper team so I guess I'm stuck with having to two shot helicopters after they get hit with an ANTI-ARMOR WARHEAD!
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