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Battlefield World Premiere

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2016-04-29 15:20
Gear up, your squad needs you. Tune in to the Battlefield World Premiere on May 6 at 1PM PT.

More information: []

(This thread will be the main thread to discuss the Battlefield World Premiere)

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2016-04-29 15:24
I will reply with 2 things.



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2016-04-29 15:25
Let the countdown begin.
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2016-04-29 15:28
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2016-04-29 15:31 [] Whoo!
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2016-04-29 15:51
I am so excited for this!
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2016-04-29 15:56
Wohoooooo :D
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2016-04-29 15:57
looking forward to this
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2016-04-29 16:06
Inb4 it's a lame WWI/WWII or 214X game. I heard it wouldn't be futuristic but a modern military shooter which I can only hope for.
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2016-04-29 16:09
no matter if its bc3,bf5,etc

my laptop still won't run it :[
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2016-04-29 16:27
sure, sure you got me interested
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2016-04-29 16:32
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2016-04-29 16:37
Troubleclick said:

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2016-04-29 16:38
T0TALfps said:
Troubleclick said:

IS! :D
This feature is beyond useless now
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2016-04-29 16:40
Whatever it is i hope it has total destruction and no futuristic guns!
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2016-04-29 16:44
First page.

Whoop whoop.
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2016-04-29 16:44
There was a leak a day ago or so that suggested that it would be 1944, and it also said that the reveal would be on the friday. So far, the leak has been accurate....
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2016-04-29 16:45
If the game is futuristic, they will not be getting my money.

The problem with Battlefield is the setting, we are bored of it. We are bored of fighting US V CHINA, RUSSIA. Make a current setting game where we have NATO v Others (China,North Korea,Russia + more) Give us more. Allow people on the NATO side to pick who they want to play as British,French, German, US ect. Also the battlefield character are so boring, allow us to choose how our British, German, French, US guy looks, allow us to pick what gear he wears, allow us some customization. Allow us to fight in Europe maps not just China, Russia, US.

If online you have a British solider on your team when playing as NATO. Allow vehicles to spawn randomly depending on who's representing the NATO team in that game, so say British,French, German vehicles would randomly spawn aswel as US vehicles, have Typhoons flying around with US warplanes ect.
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2016-04-29 16:45
"join us the the first look at the FUUUUUUUUUTUUUUUURE of Battlefield"

Leaked documents talk of: "Eastern Front" remembers the PAC. Fall of Dragon. Prototype Weapons. Titan. Independence Day,

modern version of 2142. book it.
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Hessuniemii said:
T0TALfps said:
Troubleclick said:
IS! :D

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