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The Discord Battlelog Chat.

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2016-05-29 16:43
Mr-Lego-My-Eggo said:
Thumper2671 said:
On a scale of 1-10 how toxic is it?
Atleast to my knowledge there hasn't been any drama (aside from a certain cat whining).

Cats > Dogs >:3
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2016-05-29 16:47
cleankiller9 said:
shockod said:
cleankiller9 said:
shockod said:
Well looks like I may have gotten one thread locked today, what else could I do before the end of battlelog?
Admit that airsoft is just as real and dangerous than a real life firefight.
Yeah, def not, the worst thing that could happen in air soft is hurt feelings or heat stroke.

In a real life firefight, all it takes is one bullet and your done for. Best adrenaline high ever tho! It's like you can taste the air, see the dust floating around you, every sound, thought and taste just comes alive. Truly a unique experience.
Tell me more.

You must be trolling me and have the same expierence a as me-_-

Oh well, it's the Internet
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2016-05-29 18:56
Let's just say that this thread has more toxicity in it at the moment
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2016-05-29 22:50
ChickNFoot said:

Edited the Instand invite link if it didn't work earlier it works now in the first post and in this post []
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2016-06-16 15:15
kibloy ʎolqıʞ
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The Battlelog Discord chat even has an Anime ThreadChannel.
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2016-06-16 16:47 []
I DIED (In FF, at least)
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2016-06-16 19:37
The memes there are fresh and dank. Just the way I like them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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2016-06-16 21:15
Everyone join the fun!
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2016-06-16 21:29

Due to the transition of Battlelog onto a new forum by tomorrow, everyone here are more than welcome to join our new Discord Server. Whether you are a new registered member or old, into anime, My Little Pony, or Furry, we have channels that will make you feel welcomed.

Discord Link: []
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2016-06-16 21:35
^This is not our server.

Kitty made it because she got banned from the actual server.
kibloy ʎolqıʞ
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2016-06-16 21:38
^ It is now.

Nosh is mad because he got banned from our actual server.
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2016-06-16 21:39
What have i started.......
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2016-06-16 21:45
i have not logged in here in ages, oh boy
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And were suppose to be the toxic ones that bait and start drama.
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2016-06-17 13:56
Can't you guys lock the thread all at the same time?
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