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looking for a group of brothers

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im looking for a group of good guys to play with when im online. guys that would be like a brotherhood. im an average player. great at being a tank machine gunner. i have a mic. xbox one. if you're from Missouri, USA that would be awesome.
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2016-06-17 01:38 [] :) We're more than a brotherhood, we're a family.
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Well we have Ga, Tenn, Al, S.Carolina, Virginia, Ohio,Penn, Texas, and some others. We are TACT Gaming, you can join us at
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If you want to join a well-established (est. 2004), organized clan with military style chain of command, consider Tactical Gaming! We have practices every Wednesday and Sunday around 7-9 CST / 8-10pm EST both days.

We focus on communication, group tactics and fun. Personally, my squad and I are like BFFs within TG, and we're really close as a group. Made some really great friendships and we're located throughout the US and a few folks in CAN. Rarely a dull moment with my crew.

More info: []
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