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Still hanging onto your 360? Need a platoon? SHDW

US Enlisted: 2013-10-04
2016-06-17 05:11
Welcome to the official SHDW platoon recruiting message. We are a small, but well coordinated team. We are always open to new members. We are new, but we are good at what we do, and we are growing quickly. Admission is strict. But once on the team, we back our own. We are primarily xbox 360 based. We are a highly active team that is stretched from the United Kingdom to all corners of the United States.

Rules for entry:

1) Be mature. Screaming into your mic, temper tantrums, and unsportsmanlike conduct such as disrespect, and degrading of anyone on a personal level is not tolerated. I.e. bullying

2) Listen to leadership. To be on this team you need to communicate and follow orders. Again we are tactical, and we operate in the shadows. Observe, and learn how to play in a manor that makes you superior to your foe.

3) Feel free to joke around. We are a platoon of clowns. Spooky clowns... with guns and tanks.

4) mic is preferable though we do compensate for those without one. (If you do not have a mic, please listen to leadership and do as they say.)

5) If you need training, I.e. you want to learn how to use specific vehicles or weapons, inform oddball1218 for he will train you in mastering your target vehicle or weapon(s))

6) Play with the team. If you see that one or more of our members are online playing battlefield 4, contact them and squad up. The more matches we play together, the stronger and more cohesive we become.
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.