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Веб-сайт: www.youtube.com/user/metallicgamesnzss/videos • Создан: 02.03.2015

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Founded at the beginning of 2013. The Aurora Network is a YouTube community that aims to become one of the biggest networks on YouTube, still placing our fans as our main priority we aim to extend our reach to the battlefield!! Not like that other company's who shoves aside their customers just so they can achieve a bigger profit.

This is the Battlefield community group for Aurora and you can find all of our committed Battlefield veterans here!

So go ahead, hit the apply button we welcome all who wish to stay involved with Aurora :)

Don't forget to check out the YouTube page if you haven't yet!

https://www.youtube.com/user/MetallicGamesNZSS [youtube.com]


5v5 domination match/practice match?? Battlelog eRaZE_MortyD
5 г. назад • 0 Нравится
Xx_hyphy_mud_xx your a scrub i reckt you.
So u report me pfffft,
Ill be looking for you on the battlefield .
This clan is probs fulll of pussssys._.
5 г. назад • 0 Нравится
the actions of one do not reflect the actions of the many :)
5 years назад
one of your members "xx_hyphy_mud_xx" is the biggest pussy lol he accused me of cheating after i got a nemesis kill of over 4 on him. from his K/D & cash per minute; its quite easy to see he isnt skilled enough to even accuse me of cheating.
5 г. назад • 2 нравится
Same as me, the wimp sent me a msg , jus saying "repored"
What a gay cum dumpster
5 years назад
ohh hiii guys should I join ;)
6 г. назад • 1 Нравится
Yes Please :)
6 years назад