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Just a noob trying hard to play BF4 on Intel HD Graphics

Good at = Nothing
Suck at = Everything

Q: Did I do anything worth remembering?

A: I captured a flag once.... Long Time Ago...

Q: Best killstreak?

A: 1.

Q: Best K/D?

A: 1/15.

Q: Wht graphics I play on with a God damn Intel HD?

A: Pixels.

My Rig-

Intel pentium dual core G220 @ 3.00 Ghz (go ahead laugh)
Intel HD Graphics (go ahead laugh more)
8 Gb Ram
1 TB Harddisk
Logitech G100 s mouse
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-06 Galactic Keyboard
Kotion GS410 gaming headset
50 mbps internet

And a good old school chair lol :3


Resolution I play BF4 on = 800x600
Resolution scale = 70%
Mesh quality = Ultra
All other setting off or low

If u have read this BS this far, U will have a nice day. If u didn't, u r gonna be boiled in hot oil in hell.

PS : The Devil is my bitch and Grim is my pet. :3


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