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A grizzled, pround, honored and Old School Battlefield Vet, with tours in:

#Battlefield 1942- How I miss WW2 on the franchise. "Liberation of Caen" & "Invasion of Philippines"= Best Maps!

#Battlefield Vietnam- A walk into the jungle!

#Battlefield 2- Best Conquest Large maps ever!

#Battlefield 2142- Looks like Halo. lol

#Battlefield 1943- I miss that Wake Island!

#Battlefield Bad Company 2- A classic, awesome and kick ass game! The enhanced destruction, those GLs on Assault Rifles( specially M16 S2), the unique Rush game mode, the marvellous maps, Nam's DLC.....for Heaven's sake, what a Hell of a Game!

#Battlefield 3- When it comes to greatest hits...this game makes the point. The M16A3, M4A1, M1911, the awesome maps, the vehicles, the ranks, everything...was so cool.

#Battlefield 4- Some of the best DLC's maps ever made! Dice LA cammo, M16A4 and M1911...thats how I roll!

#Battlefield 1.....


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