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What's up mate? Nice to meet you! I'm gonna tell a little bit about myself, it is going to be a bit long though, sorry if it's too long for you. My name is Patrick, I'm 13, I'm a Chinese. I really like to help the team. I always revive 100% and heal everyone. (i have 32,000 revives xD) I'm also very active, I play Battlefield 4 at least once a day. My Internet in Malaysia sucks though, ping's also quite high. This is my elder brother's account, (his name is philip :P) but he doesn't play Battlefield 4 anymore, so I will be using his account, I don't even have one :3 You can just call me Phil while playing in game. By the way, if you have Facebook, add me. Okey, that's it :) Thanks for reading all the way.

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