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Black thick frames like Buddy Holly and hair like John Travolta.

SCAR-H, AN-94 and AEK-971 are love and life. Q5 is bae, SU-25 is love and A-10 is shit, sorry Brrrrrtttttttt but you just have too big a hitbox.<3

Yes I am furry trash. :Q__

Hello there, I am Twixxel or Dubby! I am 27 years old and am a hipster loser, I have been playing Battlefield since Battlefield 3 and love the series but really dislike a lot of the decisions they are making for this one, however I still play it.

Wall of tears:

I am a retired jet pilot and infantry player for the competitive team Eternal.

If you are here to accuse me of cheating and or just mad in general take a ticket and stand in line.

Competitive achievements:
CCS Tier 2 10v10 2nd, Eternal
CCS Tier 2 10v10 3rd, eSFO


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