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Hi, I'm W4rH0rse. I'm very appreciative and humbled to have been awarded the DICE Friend dogtag. Thank you to everyone who nominated me and/or hangs out with me and helps on the tag/bow and camo servers.

I help ppl find Final Stand dog tags/unlock the phantom bow and get the DICE LA camo.

Mumble server: mb.puma-network.net Port: 30593
Need help or have questions about Phantom/Camo/Game stuff? Feel free to join. Get Mumble here: https://www.mumble.info/. Its free/open source.

Tag locations: https://imgur.com/a/hzBRN

DICE LA Light Calc: http://bit.ly/light-calc (runs on PC, written by S1ngular1ty http://bit.ly/2f0mihK).

DICE LA Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bf4dveesolver.bf4dveesolver&hl=en

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/w4rh0rse

Get BetterBattlelog: https://getbblog.com/
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