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Founder, Owner, Director & Manager of since 2003/03/31.
Swedish Battlefield Alliance Head Admin, Community editor for #starsesports, facebook and youtube channels. Fragnet Server Owner & Webmaster. Experienced in teamwork, tactical and what makes a team successful.
BF4 - BCL S8 2016 8VS8 2nd
BF4 - BCL S7 2015 8vs8 1st
BF4 - SWEDOMCUP 2015 2nd
BF4 - BNL S6 2015 8vs8 3rd
BF4 - Nations Cup Team Sweden 12vs12 Officer
BF4 - BNL S4 2014 8vs8 top 3
BF4 - BNL S3 2014 8vs8 top 3

Veni, vidi, vici
- Julius Caesar
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