[OAF] Operator As F-vk

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Website: www.oafnation.com • Erstellt: 31.05.2014

13.019 / 104.000

807S 18M
We are not a clan, we're a platoon of pew professionals.

Our requirements.

Don't whine - Operate
Be a team Operator
Don't be a dumbass - Be a pew professional

We don't do scrims, we kill everyone and we don't discriminate. No one here is obligated to do anything. We all use our mics for comm when we go pewing terry together but it's your choice to use one or not.

If you're interested, apply to join.

**Please READ and AGREE to rules once you're accepted**

For donations to our server, $5 minimum. Please go to this link www.nfoservers.com/donate.pl?force_recipient=1&recipient=OAFgameserver@outlook.com


OAF Server rules:

#1 Do NOT steal enemy Choppers. (unless it spawns on a flag)
#2 Do NOT shoot INTO or FROM the UNCAPS.
#3 Listen to the Admins. (Founders and Leaders of this platoon)
#4 Don't be a dbag.
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OAF PSA: As a leading provider of Badass Operators Operating Operationally, we take pride in offering the best Violence of Action, Stealth, and Actions on Objective. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.
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