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-We are a small and growing competitive amatuer clan based in NZ/AUS, looking for new members.
-We are looking for medics/engis with a good KDR (~2.5) as an all round indicator, and high accuracy (~20%). But we will make exceptions if your a great team player e.g: revive, follow strategies, PTFO.
-We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server and an unranked practice/scrims Bf3 server, and can provide training for up and coming stars.
-All you need is to have a mic and be able to turn up for weekly scrims.
-Also, compared to some of the well established clans, if you join us, you will actually get to play as opposed to sit on the bench as a sub.

Add one of our leaders to apply, spots extremely limited.
Battlefield 3
3rd CyberGamer Open 8v8 Season 2
4th CyberGamer Open 8v8 Season 3
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