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Veteran Competitive Player Since Bad Company
Former clans (BC2, BF3,BF4, BF1 and BFV) :
LoD, Pain, iGn/eA, vRx, pp, AiR, tCo, 6FU, kRs, D3vZ, dR, x3, TG, IB, 2eZy, LH, Venom, D3eS, xHBR, zR, CyS, GV, sH, MoM, nV, LiNk, D3s, iDW , aS, pD, DNG, aMz, iCV, GoN, SyNc, M13/DzA, DeFy/iLLz, EE, CdaS/OwN, PKP6, CoeS, nT, iDz, iQ, dLx, Tgo1, and others

★#1st ESB Winter Cup T12 Season 2

★#1st Loucura Gamer T12

★#1st Arena Battlefield Master T5 Season 2

★#1st ESB T12 Season 1

★#1st ESB SA T8 Season 3

★#1st ESB T5 Season 2

★#1st Latam Cup T12

★#1st Latin Tournament Loucura Gamer T12

★#1st Arena Battlefield Latin Tournament T12

★#1st BCL USA T5 Season 2

★#1st Nação Battlefield T8 Season 2

★#1st ESB SA Season 1

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