CODE BLUE: Come up in the club

Wonxif 3 years ago

The bass line is pounding, and the hi-hats crescendo in a deafening rhythm. Luckily for the Miami Police, EDM is the perfect sonic cover for their impending raid on the Blue Eclipse, a legendary Miami club targeted by sophisticated criminals in Code Blue, one of the four new maps featured in Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity.

Code Blue is set on man-made island just outside the Miami city limits. The Blue Eclipse Nightclub and Lounge is the island’s premier destination: a neon-lit oasis with multiple levels, dance floors, and private rooms for Florida’s most elite clubbers. Tonight, though, the island has been taken over by criminals, and the best way to evacuate the dance floor is with a well-timed grenade. Code Blue features intricate sets with tons of micro-destruction, allowing teams to make alternate pathways through the club by destroying walls and fences. For the tactically-minded, a nearby construction site and food court allow gadget users to quickly close the distance via zipline and grappling hook. Once inside, don’t get distracted by the dazzling light show or four-on-the-floor beat – you might miss the laser site or breaching charge exploding right behind you!

As an infantry-focused map, Code Blue plays best with modes like Blood Money and Conquest. We designed this map to ensure that each space had enough gameplay variety to satisfy players of every class. Code Blue also stands apart from other Battlefield maps with its rich atmosphere; the dynamic night club set was inspired by shoot-out scenes from contemporary action movies, with its overstimulated palette of color, music, light, and action. Keep an eye open for the random motorcycle spawn, which really adds an element of crazy to the mix. Check out Code Blue when Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity drops, and let us know what you think!

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