Battlefield Hardline Launch: All You Need to Know

Vincent0K 4 years ago

The Battlefield Hardline launch is on. And man, we can’t overemphasize how thrilled we are to share the final thing with you. Letting you throw yourselves into the Cops and Criminals playground that we’ve worked on – and perfected with your feedback – is a true rush.

There may be one or two questions when a game of Battlefield Hardline’s magnitude launches. And no matter what you might be curious about, we want to help you in the right direction. Our prime goal is to make your experience with the game as enjoyable as possible right off the bat.

Below you’ll find pointers on getting in the game, what game modes to try, gadgets and weapons, and links to various support sites. Let us know if there’s anything missing – and welcome to Battlefield Hardline.

When Can I Start Playing Multiplayer?

The servers for Battlefield Hardline will open on different times depending on platform and where you’re located. See below for the full list of times when you can hit the streets:


I’m a Battlefield Rookie – What Game Mode Should I Try First?

Hardline contains both a thrilling single player campaign and the all-out war glory that is Battlefield Multiplayer. If you don’t want to face the heat of multiplayer right away, start with the campaign and familiarize yourself with the controls, try the guns, and earn some Battlepacks.

When you face off in multiplayer, there are seven unique game modes to choose from and we hope you’ll try them all. If you’re unsure where to kick off, you can’t go wrong with Hotwire. If you played the beta you already know about this fast-paced mode, where the cops and criminals fight over a series of marked cars. These rides are basically mobile control points, which you need to take control over. Expect glorious chaos on the streets as the two fractions face off.

And What Class Should I Choose First?

If you’re new to the class system, choose one of the four and try that out for a few matches before switching. Try starting with the Operator class and learn how to keep team mates and yourself alive with the First Aid Packs. Play around with the class-specific guns and gadgets and get a sense of the rock-paper-scissors gameplay foundation that Battlefield rests on.

Any Other Good Beginner Tips?

  • Playing Battlefield Hardline earns you in-game cash. Make sure to spend it to unlock new weapons, gadgets, and attachments.
  • Spend some time at the loadout screen and tinker with the weapon and gadget setup for your agent. Find a combo you like – and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • You’ll unlock Battlepacks throughout your Battlefield Hardline career. Open these in Battlelog or the in-game menu as they contain helpful items like XP boosts, weapon camos, knives and more.
  • The zipline and grappling hook are two great gadgets that will let you move around the Battlefield more efficiently. Find a slightly glowing ledge of a building, fire the grappling hook, and climb the rope to waste some snipers. Ziplines let you move quickly to a lower part of the map – just look out for enemies sabotaging them during your ride…
  • When you spawn in to the streets, be aware that you can spawn into vehicles or on team members. You don’t need to respawn in your base the whole time.

Where Can I Get Game Support?

Dev Team Chats
It’s our constant ambition to connect the Battlefield Hardline developer team with the community – before, during and after launch. For the launch days, we’ve set up Twitter Q&A sessions with select members of the Visceral team. This is your chance to ask questions and give feedback to the talents behind Battlefield Hardline – and we really hope you’ll be there. Full schedule for these chats below:

  • Tue. Mar 17 @ 11AM PT – Deploying to the Streets with Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis
  • Tue. Mar 17 @ 3PM PT – In the Interrogation Room with Creative Director Ian Milham
  • Wed. Mar 18 @ 11AM PT – On the Streets with Lead Multiplayer Designer Thad Sasser
  • Thurs. Mar 19 @ 11AM PT – Behind the Scenes with Systems Designer Ben Gaciu
  • Fri. Mar 20 @ 11AM PT – Getting the Low Down with Multiplayer Producer Zach Mumbach

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