Precinct 7: A Snowy Suburb

2 years ago

A cold wind blows in from the north, and a lone SWAT sniper clutches his rifle with shivering hands. In that brief instant, he misses a squad of professional thieves dashing across the street, their movements cloaked in darkness and obscured by falling snow. Their target? The one place you’d expect criminals to be breaking out of, not in to: Detroit’s storied Precinct 7, recently shuttered and abandoned by the city. Discover what big score they hope to find when you play Precinct 7, one of the four new maps in Battlefield™ Hardline: Robbery*.

Precinct 7 is Hardline’s first snow map, and the largest map in the Robbery expansion pack. The “down-but-not-out” Detroit setting will transport players to a scrappy neighborhood filled with homes, stores, warehouses, and (of course), the neighborhood police station. The station represents a hard lesson in good urban planning and fiscal responsibility; having recently been closed, it is a prime target for enterprising thieves.

It features two floors, a labyrinthine basement, and a bevy of ways to break in and infiltrate the most important room of all: the evidence locker. Criminals may decide to target nearby substations to knock out power and lights to the Precinct; alternatively, the weather-weakened roof of a nearby warehouse could provide a gadget-loving operator with a new approach.

With its massive size and excellent assortment of vehicles, Precinct 7 is a great map on which to play Hotwire. But the map, and police station specifically, were especially tailored for Robbery’s newest game mode, Squad Heist. Lots of movies and TV shows have portrayed the upside-down fantasy of trying to break in to a police station, and defend it from the cops. Now, the fantasy is yours to experience!

We hope you enjoy Precinct 7 when it launches in September, and let the Visceral team know what you think!

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