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TE5 Chainlink Madness - 2nd Place


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We The Lords are looking to grow our community platoon. We do not require you to be an expert or professional player. We are looking for people who are mature, team players and passionate of the battlefield as much as we are. We are a small team but we are a tight team. We are wanting people that are loyal and will stay active within the platoon. We always try to have as much members teaming up so we can develop our skills together. There is no age requirement but you do need to display a level of maturity. We also like to have new members come in and join our games and party chat so that we can start knowing each other before being accepted.

We are well organized and are working towards competing in eSports as BF5 approaches. Send me GT: Imperium Reign or GT: beastlee50 a message on xbox if interested.

Code of Conduct

• Use of The Lords platoon emblem, tag and battlelog avatar is mandatory
• Use of headset and mic is strongly recommended
• Be a mature member and treat others with respect
• Use of Kik app is a must as we use it to communicate within the platoon
• Have access to battlelog to current on new updates
• All members will add each member to their Xbox friend list
• Stay active within the platoon and participate in platoon events
• All members will squad up on pub servers, we are a team
• Continue to work on your skills and weaknesses
• Represent our platoon to the highest standard
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Inv me back please...its part of my legacy <3
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Is this team active? We looking for a match.
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No we are not
4 years ago
Ask SEVEN 7s/ SVN7
4 years ago
You asked, We provided!.
15v15 ESB League Season 3 is here!
http://esport-battlefield.com/esb-league-season-3/ [esport-battlefield.com]
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4 years ago
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We are currently inactive, Thanks for the offer
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Are you guys still active? If so, would you like a match against Foxy? We can do anything up to 20v20.
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Let's make an x10 mode conquest? If so add me and send me message on Battlelog ..;)
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Hey Impulse, do you guys want to do a 12v12 sometime? Add me so we can setup a date/time.
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Is recruiting tanker?
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Any impulse players looking to pub sum infantry games. Hit me up.
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Almost changed my name to RicKology, but it doesnt look that good
4 years ago
4 years ago