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Website: www.lafamilia-gaming.com • Created: 2016-04-03

35,344,687 / 3,306,000

10987h 31m
Founded: 2016-04-03

www.lafamilia-gaming.com [lafamilia-gaming.com]

Bewerbung bei uns im TS3: ts.lafamilia-gaming.com:16145

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>> LF 1 - Standard Bloodmoney Bankjob 32 Slots [battlelog.battlefield.com]

>> LF 2 - Standard Rescue Vanilla Maps 16 Slots [battlelog.battlefield.com]

>> LF 3 - LaFamilia Teamplay (Heist, Rescue, Capture the Bag 32 Slots [battlelog.battlefield.com]

>> LF 5 - Bloodmoney Bankjob 32 Slots 60% health [battlelog.battlefield.com]

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How do I join (LF) because Kainzl is in it. Kainzl can kill 50 vs 1. so 1 Kainzl can kill 50 people. He can beat Kins0o too which is Joseph955k
1 year ago • 2 likes
11 months ago
i pretty sure this kid is retarded :D
11 months ago
Bewerbung bitte bei uns im teamspeak oder Member anschreiben ingame
2 years ago • 1 Like
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B4n4n45p1i7 c est ca t es super stat!
1 year ago
hallo ich bewerbe mich ^^
1 year ago
Good morning,
I am writing this message because I am banned from your server when I laugh a lot and I respect the rules so I would like to know why I am banned.
Thank you.
1 week ago • 1 Like
Discord would be cool
2 weeks ago • 0 Like
Hi, plz apply me to LF. I have waiting it so long...
2 months ago • 0 Like
Hello. I appeal to B4n4n45p1i7 and Redskins-de. I am already banned for 3 months. For having shot at a man who shot me and was at his base. I have never used cheats! What is the permanent ban? I promise not to break the rules! Please give me one last chance. I'm a big fan of your LF servers.
2 months ago • 2 likes
Grawall can u pls unban wicherkalisz,
he will respect the rules now . i promis thx ;D
2 months ago • 1 Like
Dear LF players. I beg you to remove the permment ban. I realized my mistake long ago. I promise not to break the rules again !!!!!!! Please do not deprive me of my favorite game on my favorite server. Please give me one last chance ... Thank you for your attention.
2 months ago • 1 Like
Schiggimollo is a bad admin. 2 days ago he temp banned me on LF1 because I killed a base camper. But I told him 10 times there were 3 base campers on his team, and he didn't do anything to stop it. He doesn't even respond to chat or anything. Today the same happened. I said that on his team, just a few meters away from him were 4 base campers. And he didn't do anything again. Then I said to test if he even watches the chat: "This is the worst admin ever" and then within the second I got kicked for admin abuse. I think this is unacceptable, and this isn't the first time and its not only me who gets targeted. I only ask that he: 1. Acts like a admin and does what he is suppose to, instead of only responding to critism and completely not punishing his own team. Or 2. Be demoted to a normal member as he clearly does not own the right skills to even have a position like this. Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand.
2 months ago • 2 likes
I am just a professional player. I pay to play on a good game and you block me you do not worry this story will not end up believing me thank you.
2 months ago • 1 Like
message to user Natasha aka Grawallschachdl I have video evidence of a part before you block me. I'm not cracker or hacker or be a robot I do not insult and I do not like the anti games here ..... proof source video for youtube. I would contact origin for violation. thank you
2 months ago • 1 Like
Natasha aka Grawallschachdl that if she does not unblock me I complain. origin go to cancel mail received
2 months ago • 1 Like
Just say me, why u have rule "only eng and ger language"? Why i cant speak on my language with peopls if he know this language?
2 months ago • 1 Like
solid-lg snipe every time from a his base pls help
6 months ago • 1 Like
please make a video and post it in the forum
7 months ago
I got kicked/banned for killing a basecamper and metzger and schiggil where both there and just did nothing.
3 months ago
Dear LF community, I am banned for ''suspectted cheater'' but ofcourse this is not true.
Can somebody attend Grawallschachdl that I am not a cheater ?

http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/geoleaderboard/view/1728415697/pc/vehicles/#vehicle-counter-attack-vehicle [battlelog.battlefield.com]
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/geoleaderboard/view/1728415697/pc/vehicles/#vehicle-suv [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Thnx in advance
5 months ago • 2 likes
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It is true though
4 months ago
Same Problem, Grawallschachdl bannend me but i never used aimbot or anything else. Thats pretty unfair can somebody please do something
3 months ago
Can someone pls tell me why i ot bannend for using aimbot,without using aimbot ?
3 months ago • 2 likes
I used a RPG without knowing it was forbidden but that cant be the Reason
3 months ago
Cause it says im perm bannend
3 months ago
hey can anyone unban me on bfh server, im sry for mistakes with m320
3 months ago • 1 Like
Can someone help me. Im on the Teamspeak
5 months ago • 1 Like
Redskins please unban me I will not be killed in redzone anymore.
5 months ago • 1 Like
5 months ago
can somebody control lf1 or base rape will stay work everytime
5 months ago • 1 Like