Slovenian sVc Clan
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Welcome Multigaming Clan Slovenia Soldier Veteran Clan :

[sVc]Slovenia Soldier Veteran Clan ,Vsaki je dobrodošel platoons ne glede clans !
Battlefield 3 team players.

We are a mature member of the EU and we rely on players regruting Battlefield 3
Join our servers, please visit our forum and join our PLATOONS ,TS3 Pothed,
Do not forget to visit our forums:


* 25 years Main
* TeamSpeak 3 installed
* Playing a cheating / hacking is not allowed
* Be polite and respect the other members

Do not forget:
Battlefield 3 is a team game, so to team up with us!
Battlefield 3 Is Not clan server game play BF3 host public Server.
If you are interested in good teamplay and join us today!


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