Killing awsome Machine
Tag: [KaM] Fans: 34 Erstellt: 28.10.2011


Captains of Killing Awesome Machine are-
* holeinone
* Aggrav8ed_Asalt
* AK_Unleashed84
* camsgt
* GaDAD77
* pirates1740
*** We are a clan that likes to have fun! We do like to win, but playing and having a good time is what we are all about.

*** We are always on the lookout for good players who know how to be a good team player. If you think you have what it takes, contact one of the captains and we will play with you. If we like you, we will invite you to join the clan. Trials can last a week.

*** We like to see our members wearing the "KaM" clan tag.

***  We all use a mic.

*** We don't put up with TEAM KILLING or Trash Talking / Disrespect towards other members or friends from other platoons. Beyond that, we will not tell you how to play the game or order you around.

*** Music / background sounds need to be kept to a minimum. If you are on the phone please mute your mic.

*** We always play ranked hardcore modes, and the game mode is almost always Conquest.

*** You will be able to find us playing on the server " Hardcore Conquest Mix of all maps [KaM]".

CAUTION: Don't turn your back on us or you will wind up with a knife in it. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!


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