Battlefield Badasses
Tag: [BFB] Fans: 21 Erstellt: 14.03.2012


Mature, team-work focused gamers only.

Social aspect of getting to the business of killing, and business is good for us.

If you want in, find us and we'll play. If you seem to be a fit, leadership will vote on sending you an invite.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns contact guitarchica or one of the two leaders.

No requirement to wear clan tag except during clan matches. Please wear this clan tag during the matches.

Disrespect comes in several forms verbal and non-verbal, direct and indirect. None of which are acceptable. This will result in a kick from platoon!!

One stat no one in this platoon is impressed with is your longest headshot. If this is your most treasured achievement, if you often find yourself high on a mountain or tower while your teammates battle for flags or M-Coms, and/or if you place spawn beacons where they are not useful to teammates, this is not the platoon for you. If you begin to play this way, you will be kicked from the platoon.


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