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We are a Community that cares about team-play, while playing organized, having fun and kicking some Butt.
What we look for is team play and personality that fits in with the Community.
League Team Members/Team Leaders/Members/Community Clans are Welcome
So come join a squad and enjoy gaming with other members on TeamSpeak
Players are expected to abide by the EA Online Terms and Conditions while playing on our servers

H4Reward$ We give out monthly gifts to lucky random players who use our reward bucks in game.

You heard it right, we give you stuff for playing on our game servers! No catch. No cost. Just play to earn H4$. Use what you've earned to enter prize giveaways! It's our way of saying "Thanks!" for helping our communities grow. Follow the link: http://rewards.habitat4.com/

BF3 players that wish to join our Community.

Before tagging up, you must apply for membership. Please fill out an application on our website!
We require that all members have teamspeak3

When you do that, you'll be on probation period.
Once we get to see how you do as a player and person our Core members will vote you in.

We have 5 Servers:
List of servers currently set up:

* H4G BF3 #1 Rush DLC
* H4G BF3 #2 AK variety Conquest
* H4G BF3 #3 Conquest AM
* H4G BF3 #4 Rush AM
* H4G BC2 #5 Rush AK
We will have the new End Game servers running with all the new modes.

we have simple rules:Respect All Players, and Hackers, Cheaters, Players who use racist comments are Banned. Servers are PB enabled and we stream GGC and Metabans, as well as other anti Cheat programs.

30 man TS3 voice.Habitat4.com:3790



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