Jets camera views
Tag: [bf2j] Fans: 16 Erstellt: 13.08.2012


Changing abit the subject of the platoon to add camera views to the jets. I think changing the gameplay concept will not happen but hey cameras are not change, they will be a addon.
In bf2 you had many camera views, using them to know where to go was art, it even looked like art on the videos (down below). IN BF3 YOU HAVE AIR RADAR WHICH GIVES YOU ONLY 2D POSITION OF THE ENEMY + ECM THAT HIDES HIM FOR 5 FUCKING SECONDS AND RELOADS IN ANOTHER 5. As it is now in bf3 THE ONE WHO GUESS THE BEST TAKES THE FIGHT, IN OTHER WORDS LUCK MOSTLY.

videos of bf2 that will show you the potential of adding camera views:

I invite you to find a bf3 video that looks better than those. its going to be very hard for you!

And fix the ram bug!