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We are Renegades,
straying far from the norm;
fighting for our own causes!

We are Elves,
manipulating what Humans perceive as Truth;
defying the laws of nature!

We are Dongs,
causing mass destruction;
creating Chaos
and bringing the Fucking Noise!

We are R.E.D!
Sparing not a single soul;
serving none
yet killing everyone.

===Want to Join RED?===
Apply here:
and add StrawHats- on PSN.

♔If you are part of more than 3 official clans excluding R.E.D, you may be KICKED unless your main clan is R.E.D. Future applicants will be rejected if they don't meet this requirement. R.E.D isn't one of those platoons who accepts anyone who applies; we are special.

♔Please wear the [RED] clan tag if you are a member of the brotherhood.

♔Visit for our website or go to our Facebook page (link is above)

♠ Ally Clans:
- Xinizters
- Spetsnaz
- West Side

- anguy11
- Lacplesis213
- AMER1400
- jayvero666
- RoachKilla007
- WookieLord81
- The_Lycan_
- TitaniumWarriorz
- raymond851

- StrawHats
- SgtRoastBeef/ C--R--V--Z
- kiu1000
- MarineRecon55309
- DevilHunters911

- deadly310
- julia_lu
- Y0SiManding0
- servo_85
- david_villa310
- RoseRed59
- Hukuta
- mostarsENERGY1

♥ Unknown:
- Devils_Angel911
- kmart0720
- L_A_T_V_I_A
- sneeb420
- Macrophage898
- jcyrus
- automatic12
- KIng1337tm
2nd R.E.D Tourney results:
. Mode: Squad Rush Hardcore 100% tickets
. Maps: Crap, I forgot.
. Team selections: Randomized
-4th place
. Delta Squad
- [WS] members
-Bronze medalists
. Bravo Squad
- jayvero666
- Carnivorous_BR
- TitaniumWarriorz
- Y0siManding0
-Silver medalists
. Charlie Squad
- StrawHats
- SgtRoastBeef
- (during 2nd bracket) Tenney

. Alpha squad with ODRANOEL357CYA, david_villa310, MarineRecon04725, and (during 2nd bracket) raymond851



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