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This platoon represent a comunity for Battlefield 3 Trollers all over the world.Feel free to join.My scope is to get in one united comunity all trollers possible.In here you can meet other people that can help , so you can share everything you want to help the beginers.If you do youtube videos you can share them in the platoon feed whenever you want :) . So just apply and i will accept.Invite all your friends so they can see this cool comunity.I am searching for people that can be leaders for this platoon.Here are some steps : 1. You need to be a good troller ( to show me you need to have an youtube account ; make a video more than 5 minutes where you trolled the shit out of guys and post in the platoon feed ; if i like it i am gonna contact you in private ; if you have good editing skills fell free to show them ) 2. be active ( respond to any question and give any tipe of advises 3. i would love that the lidership will be build by older guys ( i accept only 14 years or older ) That all ! Sorry for the mistakes if there were any :)


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