BF4 Veteran Community
Tag: [Vet] Fans: 6 Erstellt: 18.07.2013


How would you like to start BF4 with a better K/D, higher SPM, and skill level? Additionally, how would you like to have the opportunity to play with other Battlefield Veterans who actually play the objective at the start? How would you like to shorten the learning curve and enjoy the game as it was meant to be played: free of annoying noobs, free of terrible teammates, and free of frustrating deaths from the opposite team?

As Vets from BF3, we all want to do well in Battlefield 4. Problem is, with 32 players per side, how can we construct a team that consists largely of other like minded individuals? Here's how:

I am going to start up a community page specifically designed to develop a large base of skilled players. When we start up the game for the first time, in addition to our friends, we'll have countless other Vets to play with who are skilled and want to win.

This is not a clan. This is not a competitive team. There won't be scrims (though a competitive team might develop separately). You don't have to wear a tag or even be in party with other community members. By design, the Veteran Community will put great players in close proximity to each other so that they immediately have others to join off when BF4 rolls out. Again, this is not a clan. There is no obligation to even talk to other members. The point is to have a great team to play with every time you start up the game.


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