Xtreme Tactical Group
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XTG is a Tactical Style gaming group that got its roots by playing Tactical Realism on COD4 back in November
2009 Since then, the group has seen it's share of ups and downs, and grown into a tightly knit group of easygoing,
and mature gamers that love to laugh and have a great time on FPS'.

XTG is also the founder of the new tactical squad rush league, ETCL. ETCL is currently gathering interest for scrims, as the scrims will be the official kickoff for the league. This will also serve as a grounds for future matches in the league, which ETCL hopes to have prizes for once the team base is large enough. Head on over to http://www.etcl.us/ for more details! The official BF3 ETCL servers are listed below:

Multiplay :: XTG ETCL Server


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