Combat Veterans
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Calling all platoon members to go to our website and register,and be apart of the combat zone.

Combat veterans platoon is a place for real veterans, and veteran battlefield gamers to meet , and have fun. No drama is our motto. I am a US army 101st VET, and a bf2=bfbc2 vet. Need cool, mature players to join, and help get our server going.

We have three platoon servers.

Combat zone 24/7 air maps + karkand 1000 tickets

Combat Zone 24/7 Close quarters HARDCORE.

This is a platoon for Combat Veterans of BF2 And BFBC2. Real veterans and anyone who plays BF3! Its our platoon to have fun , and meet great people to play BF3 with.
Platoon rules.
#1 its just a game have fun.
#2 No whining!
#3 no hackers cheaters glitchers stat padders
#4 be nice to everyone.
#5 dont take yourself to serious, no one else does!!!

PS.Anyones welcome , except cheaters and cry-babies!!!!

come visit us at []


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