Hell Raising Squad
Tag: [riSe] Fans: 29 Erstellt: 29.12.2011


Only for l33T players , dedicated to win )

A clan , that now became a community with l337Sauce

Team work is the priority for this PLATOON, this means playhardGoPRU.

Love HRS , and you are a good player.

Considering to Host server soon , please give us feedback.

GiveusYourBestShot , l337 players with skills ready for Battlefield 4 )

Surive both of these links for 10 hours , and you passed our trail : http:/z0r.de/167 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr2RqAd9GAM

Then you will be tagged with us [riSe] and u will shoot like a pru : http:/z0r.de/151

WELCOME to all the newest members :

Public Team Speak :
Private Team Speak :