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WE ARE LEGION........... play and see for yourself. We are Evil, not to be taking lightly.

Sub clan is Evil Elite.


LEADERS should have a capitalized [EVIL].

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Videos of those whom have fallen.

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Top drivers:

# AIR assault leaders - , zsazsazse,

# Tank assault
# Gunner-

# Attack helicopter - zsazsazse,
# Gunner - lucky samurai

But overall we are infantry based to be in this clan criteria;
1 - mics.
2 - being a team player.
3 - join our game and play with us depending on how good you do.
4 - good sport

Platoons conquered so far:
1 - Woh
2 - TF99
3 - KES
4 - Bat
5 - Team Ally
6 - MURK
7- ETF
8- SoA/ team Anarchy on (Ziba tower only)
9-Coming soon......

See you on the field, Show No Mercy!

Teams that conquered us
1. SoA/AnarchY (Grand Bazaar,Operation Metro)

Leaders of Evil i am starting to see people wearing our clan tag before we accept the or after we have denied them this is an issue that we need to deal with and enforce by calling them out.

** Anyone Viewing this platoon page because you have caught anyone in Evil boosting please message me, I'm sick of people saying that everyone in Evil boosts, we have got a problem with boosters, I know I have never boosted and my girlfriend too. Battlelog: EctopicBeatzZ GT: Ectopic BeatzZ **


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