Way of The Fist
Tag: [WTF] Fans: 7 Erstellt: 09.01.2012


Welcome, and thanks for checking us out. We here at Way of The Fist are looking to expand our tour of Battlefield 3 domination. Being that we are a fairly new clan very few applications are denied. However there are certain requirements that we demand. 1. Excellence! 2. A head set w/ a mic. 3.Team cohesion is also very important to us here at WTF. So that being said we request that you play at least two games with us. 4. An average of 200 points per minute is in effect. This is all for now. Keep in mind that the more people that we acess into the clan the tougher the credientials will get. So act now, and join one of BF3 newest most elite clans. - SGtDeathBLOSSOM


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